Pilot Episode 1--Anne Baker, Multigenerational Books

Pilot Episode 2--Tricia Taylor and Jennie Mulhall, Gamma Girls

Pilot Episode 3--Abigail Harrelson. Being Inspired to Write by a Hometown Hero.

Episode 4--Amy Attaway. Making Shakespeare Unscary.

Episode 5--Erin Nevitt. Summer Reading for Kids

Episode 6--YaYas in the Closet

Episode 7--Kim Vidrine, Books That Leave a "Mark"

Episode 8--Minda Honey, Toni Morrison is Queen and Other Writing Truths

Episode 9: Sherry Howard, When a Bear Meets a Rock N Roll Band

Episode 10: Brandon Vigliarolo, Making Books the Strano Way

Episode 11: Rheonna Nicole, Slam!: This is for the Girls!

Episode 12: Holly McArthur, Sanity and Bookclub Spaghetti

Episode 13: Amanda Cjieko, Reading, Riding & Other Horseplay

Episode 14: Sam Miller, Backlist Party in the Bookstore

Episode 15: Speed Reading Club, If Warhol and Wordsworth were in Book Club

Episode 16: Dr. Jon Blandford, A Literary Loose Canon

Episode 17: Fahdia Mohamud: It's a Small World After All

Episode 18: Bob Thompson, Stories with a Colonel of Truth

Episode 19: Hannah Rae Montgomery, "Playing" with Dracula

Episode 20: Tony Dingman, He's Just a Poe Boy

Bonus Episode: So many books, so little time

Episode 21: Kim Colette Ballard, Reading is a Riot

Episode 22: Michael Drury, (Fun)Home is Where the Heart Is

Episode 23: Amy Miller, The Annual Cure for Writer's Block

Episode 24: Alix Harrow, Knocking on Fantasy's Door

Episode 26: Bri Esposito, Picking the Perfect Published Present

Episode 27: Mick Sullivan, A "Meat" and a Greet With the Past

Episode 31: Laura Lucchese, Cooking the Books

Episode 35, Katy Yocom: Revision and Riding the Tiger

Episode 37, Kimmery Martin: Books Help the Medicine Go Down

Episode 50, Bobi Conn: Between the Holler and the Hills

Episode 55, Jennie Cole: The Stories History Tells Us